Search not crawling when the host named site collection URL is https

A while ago, a client encountered the problem that the search was not crawling, after a migration.
It was configured like below:

  • Webapp URL:               
  • host named site collection:

The https URL was perfectly reachable, except the search was not crawling it. Normally, when filling in the Webapp URL as the search start address, it should crawl every HNSC under it. But the HNSC must use the same protocol as the Webapp in the default zone. So I renamed the HNSC to (puts it automatically in default zone) and added the https url to the HNSC on the intranet zone.


Add https URL to Intranet zone:

It does still need to resolve via DNS on that server, so make sure you adjust DNS or the host file.
After an IIS-reset, search index reset and full crawl, it should work.

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