Managing columns in the Item Properties on a Nintex Task Edit Form

When you play a lot with Nintex, you’ve probably noticed the option ‘display the item properties panel on the task form’ under actions in assign task.. This option makes sure the item properties on which the task has been created are displayed when approving or rejecting (editing approval task).



When your items have a lot of properties, which are not useful for the user approving the task, you’ll probably want to hide some fields.

In Global Settings for Nintex Workflow in Central Administration, there is a setting called ‘Task form properties view’ – the default value is Workflow Task View. If a view carrying this name is found on the list or library where the workflow is running on, then only the fields specified in this view will be displayed in the item properties panel.

Follow these steps to hide specific fields on the form:

  • Go to the list/library where the workflow is attached to.
  • Open and modify the “Workflow Task View”.  If this view does not exist, create a new view with the name “Workflow Task View”.
  • Add or remove the necessary columns.

The Item Properties panel on workflow task edit form will now display the columns in the Workflow Task View.

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